There is huge national controversy with GOP front-runner Donald Trump set to host NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” tomorrow night. Regarding Latinos, Trump has famously stated, “They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists, and I assume some are good people,” in reference to the immigrant population.

How can one man fit an entire race into a spectrum of criminals so easily?

Trump has stated that he will win the Latino vote because, “they love me.” A businessman, turned reality TV star, turned politician believes lives should depend on citizenship. Given the realm of media and its depiction of a conservative Republican, immigrants have been given the title of “rapists and killers” by Trump. It seems ironic that Trump believes Mexicans adore him, while he’s trying to build a wall to keep them out. His contradictory stance that immigrants shouldn’t be here throws his entire Scottish and German descendants under the bridge. Immigrants built this country to prosper. Like many past generations, Trump finds immigrants dangerous, yet, he himself is one.

Will the deportation of 11 million people help America prosper? Or will it help Trump and many of his followers realize that immigrants keep this country prospering?

Realistically, Trump cannot deport 11 million immigrants.

Trump’s call for an 18-month program of mass deportations would require the identification, finding, and then removal of 20,000 immigrants per day. Impossible.

If elected president, Trump will deny those born in the U.S. their naturally earned citizenship. In other words, he wants to rid America of the 14th Amendment.

With elections coming up fast, Trump might be in bigger jeopardy of winning the white American vote. Since 2004, the number of white American voters has been decreasing each year. On the other hand, the American-born Latino and Asian populations have been steadily increasing. Roughly from 2015 until 2065, 88 percent of the U.S. population increase will be from immigrants.

The idea of the American demographic isn’t what it was in the 1950s. The U.S. is no longer made of “Americans.” Much of our population has immigrated from Mexico, Central and South America, Europe, and other various countries.

It may be hard for Donald Trump to accept the fact that America is no longer American, and that he cannot “Make America great again” without immigrants. Immigrants built America to find better lives for themselves and their families; in the process, they built homes for “Americans” that no longer want them here.

Immigration creates jobs – immigrants need food, housing, and things. They spend a ton of money in the local economy. Immigrants fuel our economy. In fact, a report from the Migration Policy Institute indicates that “immigration unambiguously improves employment, productivity, and income,” especially when an economy is growing.

The question remains: How can Donald Trump make America great again without 11 million of its most important contributors?