Tucson Deputy Under Investigation After Violently Arresting Black Teen With No Arms or Legs

    KOLD video screen capture

    A Pima County Sheriff’s Deputy is under investigation after Tucson television station KOLD obtained disturbing video of the deputy wrestling and violently arresting two Black teenage boys, one of whom is a quadruple amputee.

    The incident took place in September at the group home where the boys live. One of the teens became upset with a staff member and knocked over a garbage can, prompting the staff member to call police.

    One of the boys took video of the deputy, who has not been identified, bending down to yell in the face of the boy who has no arms or legs, as well as wrestling the boy to the ground to place him in custody. He later handcuffs the boy who had been taking the video, slamming his head into a wall after the boy is restrained.

    A KOLD reporter said the Pima County Sheriff had not seen the video, but said they would investigate.

    Both boys were arrested on disorderly conduct charges but have since been released.