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Tyler Perry Uses His Own Personal Plane to Deliver Aid to The Bahamas


TV and movie mogul Tyler Perry has come through in a big way for those hit hardest by Hurricane Dorian – a powerful category 5 storm – that earlier this week tore through Abaco Islands, a group of islands and barrier cays in the northern Bahamas, east of southern Florida.

According to TMZ, Perry has used his personal plane to ship water, hygiene items, sleeping bags and other necessities down to the hardest-hit areas of The Bahamas. He said that he’s made two trips to the Abaco Islands.

“To all the incredible people of the Bahamas who have welcomed me and called me an adoptive son, I want you to know that I am watching closely, and as soon as I can, I will be there to do whatever I can to help you rebuild stronger and better,” he wrote on Instagram. “You’re not only in my heart and my prayers, you’re in my blood. God bless you. Stay Bahamas strong. The sun will shine again.”

The Category 5 storm has inflicted unprecedented devastation earlier this week and has left at least 20 people dead. Locally, Bishop Godfrey Stubbs, who grew up in the Bahamas and still has family and friends there, is leading a charge to raise money and supplies for the many who have been devastated by the hurricane and are facing the daunting task of rebuilding and restoring their residences after the damage.