Former Wisconsin Badger Bronson Koenig

Two of the most-famous former Wisconsin Badgers basketball players – teammates on the UW powerhouse teams that went to two consecutive Final Four teams and an NCAA championship game a few years ago – took to Twitter to argue about what exactly is “white culture” and they started a larger debate on social media.

Bronson Koenig, who has been a very vocal Native American activist – he has a Ho-Chunk tattoo in traditional headdress and war paint on his right pectoral and a dream-catcher tattoo on his left rib cage – started it off by tweeting out his agreement with an article titled “White People Have No Culture” and he was soon trending on social media.

Former Badger teammate and current NBA player Sam Dekker of the Los Angeles Clippers took issue with Koenig’s tweet. “Don’t put it in my face that being a white guy is something I’m supposed to be ashamed of,” Dekker said in his tweet. “I’m proud of who I am and so should you.”

Koenig and Dekker, who both also used to play on the same AAU team together as youngsters, too, saw plenty of responses to their Tweets on “white culture” — some that did upset quite a few people on all sides of the debate, but also many that set off some interesting discussion on social media.

Koenig didn’t respond directly to Dekker’s tweet, but he did find a tweet that helped him sum up his feelings: