Viral video of a white man berating a black woman on a Ryanair airplane on a flight from Barcelona, Spain to London, England, is making its way around social media, with the airline receiving backlash.

The man was filmed calling the 77-year-old victim an “ugly black bastard” and shouting “don’t talk to me in a foreign language you stupid ugly cow” when the woman spoke to him in English with a Jamaican accent.

“I’ll tell you this,” the man said leaning towards the woman, “If you don’t go to another seat, I’ll put you into another seat.”

David Lawrence, who filmed what happened (above), told BBC Radio 5 Live: “Everything was calm, we were getting ready to take off. And then a man came on board and arrived at his seat, then spoke very harshly to a woman sitting in the aisle seat. That was what got my attention as it was very loud and very aggressive. He started to shout at the woman, saying ‘get out of the way’, ‘move your feet’, ‘you shouldn’t be sitting here’.”

The budget airline has been criticized for not removing the abusive passenger. The airline tweeted on Sunday that it had seen the footage and reported the incident to Essex police.