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7 Days of Black Culture


Black Umbrella Global will be hosting “7 Days of Black Culture” this week. There will be free food, music and more. The goal is to set our own standards on how black lives should be perceived and respected.

Day 1: Wear All Black in support of “Black Lives Matter” if you would like shirts that has a saying please let us know and there will be a $20 fee for that.

Day 2: Dress the way you would when going to work

Day 3: Come turn up & see the SIGMAS STEP! Issa partyyyy!!

Day 4: When we wear it they said we’re ghetto but then they “debut” it on the runway and call it fashion. BLOCK PARTY!

Day 5: Dress like ROYALTY because that is what we are! 👑

DAY 6: In remembrance of our African ancestors we will pay homage by dressing in dashiki’s and traditional African clothing as well as in remembrance of Trayvon Martin you can also wear a hoodie.

Day 7: This day will be in observance for our fallen soldiers due to police brutality and hatred towards black people. Tony Robinson Candlelight 🕯



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