The Immigrant Workers Union (IWU) is excited to announce the Annual Black-Latino Unity Picnic on Sunday, Aug. 26, 1-5 p.m. at Penn Park.

The event is part of an overall grassroots effort to promote unity and collaboration between the Black and Latino Communities. The main goal of the event was to get together with good food, good music, and good conversation about issues that affect both Blacks and Latinos including racial justice, education, housing, and employment.

100% Family friendly, 100% Free, 100% Community

La Unión de Trabajadores Inmigrantes (IUTI) se complace en anunciar la quinta edición del 5to Picnic por la unidad de las comunidades Latina y Morena el domingo 26 de agosto. El picnic se llevará a cabo en Penn Park de 1 a 5 pm. El evento es parte de un esfuerzo de base para promover la unidad y la colaboración entre las comunidades morena y latinas.

100% familiar, 100% Gratis y 100% Comunitario


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