The Asian American Student Association will host the Asian American Student Association Eggroll Fundraiser Saturday, March 9, 11 a.m.-5 p.m. at the Badger Rock Neighborhood Center, 501 E Badger Rd,

The Asian American Student Association (AASA) is conducting an Egg Roll Fundraiser to support their trip to the Hmong National Development Conference in San Jose, CA in April.

AASA’s mission is to help empower the community with our generosity and volunteering. We want to create awareness in the community and make a difference.

The Hmong National Development is the Hmong community’s largest event and one that unites over 1,000 professionals, students, and community leaders who gather to share valuable insights and powerful new approaches to community empowerment, professional development, and leadership. This year’s theme is “Be Bold and Unleash your potential”.

AASA believes that with the help of the community, our goal will be reached. Please support our fundraising effort by ordering today!