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Black Excellence Lecture Series with Percy Brown

Percy Brown Jr.
DreamBank is honored to once again host Percy Brown’s Black Excellence lecture series – a course designed to help participants develop an understanding of the role and contributions Black people have provided to the growth and development of human civilization and the United States.
The course will take place every Thursday in April at 6 p.m.
The course will deconstruct the science of race, interrogate Eurocentric framing of Black people and offer counter-narrative perspectives from great Black historians that reframes what most have come to know about Black people. With a long and influential history of civil rights activism and leadership (e.g., Director of Equity and Student Achievement for the Middleton Cross Plains Area School District and CEO of Critical Consulting, LLC), Percy Brown will share his expertise in a lecture-discussion format.
This four-week course will cover the following topics:
Week One: Black Africa and Deconstructing Race Pre-1619
Week Two: Black Resistance from the Revolutionary War to the Civil War
Week Three: Black Resilience in the Era of Jim Crow
Week Four: Afro-Futurism and Critical Consciousness