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Black Oxygen: LaCouir Yancey

LaCouir Yancey

This week’s election marks an intense inflection point in our nation’s history. No matter the outcome of the election, we are all feeling a bit on edge and ungrounded. Collectively, we’ve lost our breath. In this week’s episode of Black Oxygen, LaCouir Yancey tells us to, “sit the bleep down and find your quiet space.” Owner of Y-Massage Bodywork and Natural Fitness, LaCouir is a massage therapist, personal trainer, musician, urban dance and movement specialist, and an instructor at the East-West Healing Arts Institute. We talk about a lot of topics on this episode including masculinity, life as a small business owner during 2020, and how we are holding fear and anger in our bodies. At the end of our conversation, he calls on us to create the “head space to love each other again.” To learn more about LaCouir Yancey or to book an appointment with him visit his website: http://www.y-massage.net

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