Blacks for Political and Social Action, Inc. candidate endorsements (clockwise from top left): Shelia Stubbs, Tyrone Cratic, Kimberly Smith, Andrew McKinney, Amani Latimer, and Samba Baldeh

Blacks for Political and Social Action, Inc., (BPSADC), a political action
committee committed to the advancement of economic and social justice for
African-American citizens in Dane County, has announced endorsements for the upcoming Aug. 11 primary election.

BPSADC, Inc., is an organization of community leaders and citizens who have joined together to speak in a concerted and united voice on important issues, according to a press release from the group, and are charged with the responsibility of advancing diversity, inclusion equity and justice in sectors that adversely impact African Americans.

Several of the leaders and members in the organization have worked on issues that affect the Black community and all communities at-large, under several administrations, without regard to political affiliation, social status or organizational affiliation. BPSADC. Inc. is led by President David Hart who is an Assistant District Attorney. Board members include civil rights leader Kirbie Mack; Ray Allen, former MMSD school board member and current Urban League of Greater Madison’s Workforce Development Division Director and Theresa Sanders, mother of Henry Sanders, CEO of Madison365.

“We facilitate the identification of issues and concerns of Black citizens and
raise these issues with political candidates that affect our community,” BPSADC, Inc. said in a statement. “As such, we endorse the following candidate for the August 11, 2020 elections. We wish all of our candidates much success.”

BPSADC, Inc. State Senate Endorsements:
Amani Latimer Burris Senate District 26
Andrew McKinney Senate District 16
Samba Baldeh Assembly District 48

BPSADC, Inc. State Assembly Endorsements:
Tyrone Cratic Williams Assembly District 76
Representative Shelia Stubbs Assembly District 77
Kimberly Smith Assembly District 80