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Centro Hispano’s El Mercadito

 We invite you to join us at Centro and be back in the community with Mercadito on Thursday, Aug. 25, 4 p.m.
After 2 years of the pandemic, Mercadito is back with alegría and energía! Come and enjoy the Southside of Madison. Make friends, al ladito de tu gente, with community guests, music, handicrafts, and of course, food.
Vendors will include fruits and vegetables from Central and South America, Latinx street food, local honey, Colombian barista coffee, and more!
El Mercadito’s mission is to offer an open and healthy place where the community can share their cultural heritage and culinary traditions. This initiative is adding extra ingredients to help break some of the barriers and challenges community members face when accessing healthy foods in a place where smells are mixed with a sense of home and security.