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COVID19 Emergency Fund gets 79 applications seeking $2.6 million

Michael Johnson addresses the media at a March 13, 2020, press conference announcing the COVID19 Emergency Fund. Photo by Madeline Chappell.

The first phase of the Dane County COVID19 Emergency Fund, which has $425,000 to allocate to address immediate short-term needs, has received applications from 79 local organizations seeking a total of $2.6 million.

The fund was established as a partnership between Boys and Girls Club of Dane County, Selfless Ambition and United Way of Dane County. The fund raised more than $1.1 million in about a week, with about $425,000 being administered by the Boys and Girls Club to address immediate needs, and the rest will be administered by the United Way to address longer-term needs.

“Seventy nine applicants for $2.6 million request shows the impact COVID19 has had on our community so quickly,” said Henry Sanders, CEO of Selfless Ambition. “We are blessed to be in a community where so many came together so quickly to help those in need. It shows the powers of collaboration and the impact as something as simple as people caring about their neighbors.”
“I am thankful so many of our non profit colleagues applied from all over the county to help those impacted by COVID-19,” said Boys and Girls Club of Dane County CEO Michael Johnson. “I am thankful organizations are willing to step up and make a difference in the lives of others.”
A committee of community volunteers will meet over the next two days to allocate the funds. Johnson noted that the funds have been pledged but not all has been collected.
“We are working with United Way to secure those funds from our corporate partners which will be managed by a team of volunteers from Boys & Girls Clubs and Selfless Ambition,” he said.
Johnson also said transparency is important in the process.
“Our goal is to issue a report in 30 days on where every dollar raised and every dollar spent for the short term objectives indemnified to help those in need,” he said.