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Dana Pellebon announces candidacy for District 33 Dane County Supervisor seat in Fitchburg


Dana Pellebon announced that she will be running for Dane County Board Supervisor in District 33 on Thursday.

Pellebon tells Madison365 that she made the decision after talking with many of her constituents and current Dane County Board members. Ann DeGarmo currently holds the District 33 seat on the Dane County Board of Supervisors, but will not be running in the upcoming election.

“There was an open seat in my district and when I started to think about what needs to happen in our community and how it is that I could help everyone … for me, that choice was to go straight to the government and say, ‘Alright. Here is where I can make some very big impacts and help people on a larger scale,'” Pellebon tells Madison365.

“That is what I have done in my job and all through my adult life — I’ve always been trying to figure out how I can improve the lives of people around me … and this is just the next step in that process,” she adds.

Pellebon is currently the co-executive director of Rape Crisis Center in Dane County where she leads their counseling and advocacy services and coordinates community partnerships for county-wide sexual assault victim services. According to her campaign bio, Pellebon has extensive experience working with persons experiencing homelessness through her work as the director of housing and operations for porchlight. She has served on the board of directors for OutReach LGBTQ Community Center and WorldBuilders and on numerous committees and leadership teams.

Some of her campaign focuses, according to her campaign website, will include conservation and sustainability; cohesive partnerships between local, state and federal governments; community investment for safer neighborhoods; and stabilizing Dane County families.

Pellebon says that she is looking forward to going door to door and getting out in her community to find out what constituents need most.

“What I want to hear from people is: What are their needs? What is it that they are concerned about in the their community? What can we do on the board level to expand the services that are available and make sure that the services that they are currently getting are viable and work well for them? I want to expand what housing looks like and what safety means and what actual prevention of violence looks like.

“I want everybody in the community to be engaged and heard. I really want to hear from people about what they care about and what they are struggling with and how we can help people with that struggle.”

The spring election will be held on Tuesday, April 5, 2022. If Pellebon has more than one opponent there will be a primary in February.