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End Time Ministries International’s Women of Excellence to host 11th annual Leaders Conference this weekend

Clockwise from top left: Dawn Foster, Marie Sherrill, Lauri Stamps, Michele Ucheoma, and Chanel Edwards

“This conference is about helping women go back and refocus. Many of our homes are led by women and we want to make sure that they are healthy and they have resources. This conference will give women resources that they need to be successful,” says End Time Ministries Pastor Shelia Stubbs. “The women are so excited about this conference and we’re excited to be doing this for the first time since 2019.”

Stubbs has been working the past few weeks to help her End Time Ministries International Women of Excellence host its 11th annual Leaders Conference. The two-day event begins on Saturday, Oct. 7, and is titled “No Woman Left Behind 2023 – Brokenness Brings Breakthrough.” 

“This is our 11th annual Women of Excellence Leaders Conference Our last conference we held in person was in 2019,” Stubbs tells Madison365. “We did not do any more in person because of COVID. So women are really excited to go back in person to meet and to gather information.

“We hope that this conference will just give people a chance to take a moment and pause and gather their thoughts. It’’s a chance to look at yourself holistically from a physical, mental, and spiritual wellness perspective.”

Stubbs says that so much has happened over the last few years during the pandemic.

“There were six women who were major leaders with me that died from 2019 until now … some died from COVID,” she says. “So it was an emotional moment for me to just go back and reflect on who was there the last time we hosted this conference. 

“But we do believe that this is an important event. This conference is a chance to come together but it also gives you a wealth of information. It’s an educational conference.”

Chanel Edwards

The Saturday morning workshops for the conference will include a Zumba exercise workout with Chanel Edwards, the founder and CEO of The Baddie Academy in Beloit, and a talk by Michelle Ucheoma, the CEO of HU Business Academy, called “Making Millionaires.”

Michele Ucheoma

“If you’re thinking about starting up a business, this is your time. So we have the CEO Michele Ucheoma to talk to us about starting a business. She’s an African American woman and she’s in the healthcare industry,” Stubbs explains. “So she’s going to talk to us about just the basic startup, taking your thoughts and turning them into reality. But she will also talk about the barriers that she has faced in life and how to overcome them.”

Lauri Stamps

Pastor Lauri Stamps, a financial coach, will talk about financial management. Dawn Foster, a licensed funeral director and co-owner of Foster Funeral Home, will share her expertise in dealing with the death of a loved one.

Dawn Foster

“We’ve lost so many people during COVID and I just think it’s important that women talk about the importance of having our affairs in order when somebody passes, about life insurance and about making arrangements. These are hard conversations to have, but why leave that burden on your family members?” Stubbs asks. “So to have a funeral director like Dawn [Foster] speaking at the conference, she can help in so many ways and she has so much experience and information to share.”

The Saturday evening guest speaker will be Minister Marie Sherrill of Northside Christian Church of God in Milwaukee. On Sunday morning, Stubbs will be the keynote where she says she will talk about “the importance of women in the household and what we do with our priorities.”

“The 11th Annual Leaders Conference is really about re-centering ourselves and coming in from an educational component. So we’re excited. We’re very close to 150 registrants right now, so we are excited about that, too,” Stubbs says. “This conference is for anyone who’s looking for a place to belong, trying to find out how they can improve their lives and looking at an opportunity to be with women from all ages and all backgrounds.”

The Women of Excellence: 11th Annual Leaders Conference will be held Saturday-Sunday, Oct. 7-8. End Time Ministries International is located at 15 Ellis Potter Court. To register, click here.