Loud ‘N Unchained Black Theater Festival, a new festival in Madison focused exclusively on producing the works of African-American artists, has been canceled for this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, but organizers have told Madison365 that they hope to host the event in 2021.

“We just can’t take chances this year with people’s health,” organizer Dana Pellebon tells Madison365.

Originally slated for June, the Lound ‘N Chained Black Theater Festival should have been well into rehearsals at this point.

“We are grateful for the many voices that have contributed to the festival through their submissions,” said T. Banks and Pellebon, organizers of the festival in a Facebook post this morning. “We are proud to have received over 75 submissions and look forward to announcing the shows and showing our community the width and breathe of the talent entrusted to us.”

The organizers also added that in the ongoing commitment to the Black community, it is important that “we focus solely on the health and safety of our Black artists and the community of Madison who has been so supportive in this endeavor.”

“As it is widely known, COVID-19 has decimated the Black and Brown communities due to systematic lack of health care and lack of equitable treatment therein. It would be wildly irresponsible for us to continue this work when we, and the community at large, do not have adequate protections in place,” the organizers said. “Loud ‘N Unchained Black Theater Festival will return. We will feature artists that have not had a home in the theater community. We will give rise to voices and artists when we know that our art will not put our community at risk. Thank you again to the community of Madison, to Broom Street Theater, and most importantly to the artists that trust us. We will be back.”