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Forward Madison FC reveals alternate jersey inspired by street art

Forward Madison defender Christian "Pato" Diaz models the new alternate kit. Photo by Will Jenkins, courtesy Forward Madison FC.

Forward Madison FC made a splash in the soccer world Saturday, revealing its long-anticipated 2020 alternate jersey. The kit, bathed by fluorescent blues and pinks, was created on canvas as an artwork before being digitally transferred to the jersey.

The club set a high standard with 2019’s pink-patterned jersey that SiriusXM FC listeners dubbed the best in the world. FMFC designer Cassidy Sepnieski said this season’s effort might just top it.

“We wanted something that people can wear in their everyday lives that’s cooler, more street-culture than what we’ve done in the past,” Sepnieski said. “It wears so well on people. It’s something that makes you stop and look.”

The jersey itself bubbles blue at its base, with light, frothy patches seeping out onto the foreground. The kit’s defining feature may be its splashes of pink and navy, which ripple across the shirt, synchronised but defying pattern.

Sepnieski created the kit’s design using a technique called hydro dipping, which involves mixing paint into water and applying it to canvas.

“I went through probably eight or nine canvasses of attempting that street art style,” she said in a statement. “I took a couple art classes in college, so I have some painting under my belt, but nothing like this. It was just inspired by the colors and the textures in the water.”

Sepniesk said the jersey is a tribute to the culture of Forward Madison.

“From the front office to the players to The Flock to the general fans, we’re a vibrant bunch of people and it’s exciting to get to work in an environment like that,” Sepnieski said in a statement. “That’s where real creativity happens. Without the room and the expectations – that standard of Loud, Vibrant, Unwavering – these kits would not be possible.”

Forward Madison’s 2020 alternate kit is now available for purchase on the team’s web store.

In 2019, the pink feathered alternate kit was worn in exhibition matches and US Open Cup competition.