Hilton Hotel Workers Denounce 1% Increase, Demand Livable Wage at LULAC Convention


    Hilton Hotel workers denounced a one-percent wage increase in favor of a more substantial raise at the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) Presidential Awards Banquet on Friday night. 

    “My coworkers and I take pride in what we do. We strive to make the Marcus Corporation, owners of the Hilton and Pfister Hotels where many of you are staying a great successful one. Unfortunately, the Marcus Corporation does not feel this way,” a Hilton Hotel Worker identified only as Rosa said.

    Like her mother, she has worked at the hotel for several decades and loves her job; however, she said employees deserve a fair wage and bargaining rights. Hilton also served as a lodging hotel for the convention and provided servers for the various dining events.

    “I am a second generation of employee workers at the Hilton hotel downtown. My mom worked there for 25 years. I’ve been there for 38 years,” Rosa said. 

    LULAC President Domingo Garcia thanked Hilton staff for their quality service throughout the conference before using the platform to address workers’ rights. He agreed to personally hand deliver a letter to management demanding a wage of $15 per hour.

    “I ask you to support us to show your solidarity with us by letting management know that you do not stand for poverty wages,” Rosa said. 

    “It’s just not about the Hilton, it’s about equal rights for women and men and we all need to stand as one people and one nation in order to achieve our goal for a cost of living for everyone,” Hilton Hotel worker Victor said. 

    The Marcus Corporation, known for Marcus Theatres, owns both the Hilton and Pfister Hotels located in Downtown Milwaukee. The corporation, headquartered in Milwaukee, also collectively owns and manages 17 hotels and resorts in California, Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, Oklahoma, Texas, and Wisconsin.

    “Mr. Marcus, the company’s CEO, has gone on record to talk about the need to eliminate inequities but how can we do that is all they’re offering is one percent” wage increase, Rosa said.