All Madison High Schools Walkout to Demand Gun Control will take place Wednesday, March 14, noon, starting at Madison East High School and ending at the state Capitol building.

Agenda for March 14th:
11:00 – Students from West, La Follette and Memorial will stand up and walk out of there classes and will then TRANSPORT to East high school.
11:30- East High School students will stand up and walk out, meeting on the corner of 4th street and E Washington. West, Lafollette, Memorial and all other schools from the state, parents, teachers and citizens will meet there as well.
Noon – We will begin the march down a blockaded E Washington towards the Capitol.
1 p.m. – There will be a rally on the state street side of the Capitol. Speakers include legislatures from the State of Wisconsin, social activists, parents and students who will share their stories with gun violence.

The rally’s demands will include:

1. Universal background checks and holding the state accountable for enforcement.
2. Banning bump stocks.
3. Limiting magazine capacity.
4. Raising the minimum age to purchase an assault rifle or firearm to 21.
5. Making education and training more accessible.

The group will then walk up to Gov. Scott Walker’s office handing him the letter and attached will be as many student signatures we can get. This would be in hopes of him to hold an immediate conference addressing Wisconsin gun laws.