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Madison school superintendent tests positive for COVID-19


Dr. Carlton Jenkins, the superintendent of Madison Metropolitan School District, said in a statement Tuesday that he has tested positive for COVID-19 and is experiencing only mild symptoms.

“I will be completing my isolation period, and following all current protocols, entirely at home. Further, these protocols include quarantining for at least five days, or until I am no longer symptomatic, followed by wearing a mask for the next six to ten days. During my quarantine period, I will be taking advantage of remote options to continue working as your Superintendent,” he wrote. “Although safety protocols in our community continue to be relaxed, this serves as a reminder of how this virus is still very much in our community. Therefore, I want to continue to raise the awareness of our students, families, and community on the importance of being fully vaccinated and wearing a mask when it is appropriate.”

The school district has kept mandated indoor masking in place beyond what the state and county have required. Currently, masks are required indoors except when eating and drinking, but no longer required outdoors.