Madison West

 From our content partner Channel 3000.

MADISON, Wis. – Madison West High School staff are investigating an Instagram account encouraging racial segregation and other hate speech.

In a statement sent to students and parents Saturday morning from West High School principal Karen Boran, the account has since been taken down.

Staff members were made aware of the account Friday morning, as a number of people shared screenshots of the content and showed concern.

The school began an investigation with the help of a school resource officer and are now “taking all appropriate steps with those involved.”

The statement said the account was not created by a group of students but was rather “much more isolated in scope.”

“It is heartbreaking to see our school connected with these vile images and comments on social media,” said Boran.

The school has also asked the public to stop sharing posts from the page to prevent others from being exposed to the harmful content.The statement said the school had discussions about hate speech on Monday and offered resources from Combating Hate Speech and Family Online Safety Institute.

“I also want to acknowledge that, while the page was removed from Instagram, we know that one hate-filled page is only a symptom of a deep and deadly prejudice that doesn’t disappear when an Instagram page does. We know we need to continually combat bigotry for the safety of every single person in our community,” Boran said.