Madison School Board candidate Ali Muldrow posted a statement on her campaign’s Facebook page Friday afternoon so as to leave no doubt as to her position on school vouchers that would allow public funding for children to attend private schools.

“I categorically oppose vouchers in all forms,” the statement reads.

At last night’s school board candidate forum, the candidates were asked what they would say to families who had children in an underperforming school and viewed vouchers as a way out. The Wisconsin State Journal paraphrased Muldrow’s answer, saying, “If the opportunity for students’ success doesn’t exist at a school, Muldrow said, private school vouchers should be offered to students who would learn better at a private school.” Muldrow says that paraphrase mischaracterized her remarks.

“Last night I was speaking to the need for compassion towards vulnerable families who feel underserved by the current school system and need new and better options” Muldrow’s statement reads. “However, I believe this is an argument to strengthen and reinvest in public schools—not privatization in any form, including vouchers—to make our schools more equitable and inclusive for vulnerable families.”

Muldrow’s opponent, Katie Toews, opposes vouchers as well. The general election is April 4.