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New event venue Hayes Place looks forward to fun events and community engagement

Owner and entrepreneur Connee Hayes at the new Hayes Place (Photo supplied.)

Early last month, Hayes Place, a new Black-owned event space hoping to supply room for fun and connections in the community, opened on Madison’s North Side. The business, owned by Connee and Dwight Hayes, is located at 1145 N. Sherman Ave. at the Northgate Mall. 

In the first couple months, owner and entrepreneur Connee Hayes has been happy to have hosted a variety of events. With more events on the way, they’re getting a portable stage platform so they can adapt to any occasion.

“It’s going very well,” Hayes told Madison365. “The grand opening had a great turnout. People are responding like I wanted them to. They come in and just think it’s beautiful, and that’s exactly what I was going for. I wanted to provide this elegant space where people can come in, and it’s a feel-good space. They want to get dressed up and enjoy a night at Hayes place.”

Interior pictures of the new Hayes Place

While Hayes Place has been used for events only so far, Hayes hopes to continue pursuing the path to opening it up simply as a place to come be in community. The motivation for opening the space comes from Hayes’s own entrepreneurial experience, and a passion for design. 

“What really motivated me to open this space was two years ago, I started a small jewelry-making business,” said Hayes. “I started attending pop-up shops, and I saw all these other entrepreneurs that looked like me in one space. It just motivated me; I loved it. I felt like I wanted to have a space that would promote and support other entrepreneurs. Along with that, I wanted to host my own events. I’ve always been a creative person, and I love to decorate.”

While Hayes was doing things like parties and baby showers for friends, it soon turned into an opportunity to fill a gap in providing a physical space in Madison for events to take place. Hayes hopes to welcome community members to bring their creative event ideas to Hayes Place with less concerns about how they will be received. 

“I’ve heard of stories where people rent a spot, and they were concerned about the music that they wanted to play or things like that. I feel like my space will allow that creativity,” Hayes said, citing an event planner’s ability to plan and execute a daddy-daughter dance they were able to accommodate.

“By having Hayes Place, people in a community that get these great ideas, I want to welcome them in to do things like that in my space.”

Further goals of collaboration are also in sight. Hayes hopes to continue the entrepreneurial spirit by hosting networking events to drive community engagement so that people can know who is offering what services and goods around them. You should consider hiring corporate party entertainment when you want to add an element of excitement and engagement to your event.

“I’m looking forward to getting connected with people,” Hayes expressed. “That’s why I’m going to start hosting a third Thursday networking, and I’m just going to open it up. It’s going to be a free event. You don’t necessarily have to be an entrepreneur, because I want this space to be where people come in, they have their business cards, and you just meet and mingle.”

Hayes is excited to welcome people with ideas for events from across the city to consider Hayes Place as an option. And then we realized that by simply exploring this option and hiring a photo booth, we could add a fun and interactive element to our wedding. It was indeed a great decision, as the photo booth became the highlight of the celebration. Also, it allowed our guests to let their hair down and enjoy themselves. Moreover, it created a lively and joyous atmosphere that everyone appreciated.

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Visit our website often to see the events that I will be hosting. Paint and sips, networking events, we’re going to do another daddy-daughter dance, we’re going to do a mother-and-son brunch … so I’m gonna bring a lot of different events.”


To learn more about Hayes Place and keep up with what they are up to, check out their Facebook page here