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New Online Magazine ANYA to Amplify Voices of Women of Color


A new online magazine will aim to amplify the voices of Black women across Wisconsin.

“There are a lot of wonderful and inspiring things happening with black women in the State of Wisconsin,” says founder Nia Trammell, who also works as an administrative law judge in Madison. “However, when you page through local publications or online editions you do not always see the perspectives of black women richly represented.  We have unique narratives to tell and are equally, if not more qualified, to illuminate our stories in a way that powerfully demonstrates who we are, what motivates us and what we bring to the table. Through our own space and lens, we hope to show the beauty, the power and the contributions of black women in Wisconsin.”

The magazine will be called ANYA, an African language word for “look,” because “the magazine is about African American women in Wisconsin being seen,” Trammell says.

ANYA will be powered by Madison365, leveraging Madison365’s growing statewide audience, which is more than 60 percent women.

“We’ve known for years that this state needs media, stories, news and information for its women of color,” said Henry Sanders, Publisher and CEO of Madison365. “The need is there, and I’m so proud that Nia brought her idea to us, so that we can help her fill that need. We are excited to be involved in her vision. Madison365 exists to make sure all voices are heard, so it’s natural for us to help ANYA amplify the voices of women of color. I hope the community embraces those voices, because they’re vital to the challenging conversations we need to have in Wisconsin.”

ANYA will launch in March 2019 to celebrate Women’s History Month.

Nia Trammell

Our hope is to bring to light issues that matter to black women and connect black women from every social and economic stratosphere, across different industries and in every corner of the state.  We need to connect through sharing our stories, but most importantly creating a mechanism to support each other as we pursue our professional goals or launch and sustain our businesses,” says Trammell, who was also named one of Madison365’s Most Influential African Americans in 2017. “We need contributors and writers from all over the state to accomplish this.”

Those interested in contributing should email news@madison365.org.