Obama to Say Farewell in Chicago


    President Barack Obama will return to his hometown of Chicago to deliver a farewell address on Tuesday, January 10 at McCormick Place, the White House announced today. Tickets will be available on a first-come, first-served basis at McCormick Place in Chicago on Saturday.

    “In 1796, as George Washington set the precedent for a peaceful, democratic transfer of power, he also set a precedent by penning a farewell address to the American people,” Obama said in a statement posted online. “And over the 220 years since, many American presidents have followed his lead.”

    Past presidents have taken the opportunity to speak candidly and offer hope for the future. Washington warned against factions and foreign influence, and exhorted the people to patriotism. Dwight Einsenhower, a former general, gave a surprisingly liberal warning against the military-industrial complex. George W. Bush called the election of Obama as the first black president “a moment of hope and pride for our whole nation.

    The address will be broadcast live at whitehouse.gov/farewell.

    The President’s statement concludes expressing hope that many people will watch or attend, “Because, for me, it’s always been about you.”

    Timing of ticket availability will be announced this week.