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OuttaDeeBox Podcast: Thriving against odds in African-American parenting with Eugene Crisler, Part 2


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Navigating the challenges of fatherhood, especially within the African-American community, is a journey paved with obstacles and victories. On today’s episode, we shed light on the Urban League of Greater Madison Fatherhood Group’s commitment to supporting black fathers in overcoming systemic hurdles. I open up about my struggles with mental health and legal systems, adding a deeply personal perspective to the conversation. We also honor the transformative work of Sheriff Barrett in improving mental health services in correctional facilities, further exploring how policy and funding play a crucial role in father reentry programs.

The walls of a jail cell often contain untold stories, and our discussion doesn’t shy away from the realities of incarceration. We peel back the layers to reveal the mental anguish suffered by many who are legally innocent, the societal pressures leading to high conviction rates, and the systemic undercurrents that hark back to darker chapters in our history. But it’s not all grim; there’s a glimmer of hope as we discuss strides toward reform, recognizing that change is necessary and possible.

Family is the cornerstone of society, and we devote a heartfelt segment to the significance of fatherhood and debunking myths about African-American paternal engagement. It’s not just about being present; it’s about understanding and navigating the complex web of family court systems and child support. We share resources, educate on parental rights, and stress the importance of co-parenting for children’s mental and emotional development. This episode goes beyond talk; it’s a resource for anyone looking to make sense of the family court maze and to reinforce the value of fatherhood.

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