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Plan B Vandalism “Definitely an Act of Hate,” Owner Says


The window of local LGBT dance bar Plan B was smashed with a cinder block, the bar’s Facebook page announced Sunday afternoon.

Plan B owner Corey Gresen told Madison 365 that an unidentified person threw a cinder block into the window just before the bar was set to close Saturday night. Gresen said there were customers in the bar at the time, but nobody was hurt.

The incident comes about a month after a rock was thrown through the office door of Our Lives Magazine, a Madison LGBT publication. Gresen said Plan B had been celebrating LGBT Pride Month — which spans all of June — and called the incident an intentional hate crime.

“It was definitely an act of hate,” Gresen said. “There is no way that this could just be a drunk person walking down the street throwing cinder blocks.”

While surprised by the “severity” of the crime, Gresen said it will not stop the bar from celebrating its community. In fact, the bar covered the broken window with a sign reading “Love trumps hate.”

Gresen said he reported the incident to Madison police, and he expects the bar to open on time Wednesday.

“We are going to stay strong and keep celebrating this month,” he said. “Wednesday karaoke will happen.”

The Madison Police Department did not respond to a call for comment Sunday evening.