Roys Wins Dem Straw Poll, Mitchell Second


    Former State Representative Kelda Roys was the favored candidate in a straw poll of Democratic conventioneers voting on Saturday.

    Roys received 23.3% of the vote from the 789 delegates, alternates and registered guests who cast their votes for the gubernatorial race. Roys received 184 votes while Firefighters’ union head Mahlon Mitchell came in second place with 93 votes.

    State Superintendent Tony Evers received 91 votes. In perhaps a shocking turn, Madison Mayor Paul Soglin received just one vote.

    The question posed to the conventioneers was: If the 2018 Democratic Primary for governor were held today, whom would you support? The results were as follows.

    Total votes: 789

    Kelda Roys-184

    Mahlon Mitchell-93

    Tony Evers-91

    Andy Gronik-89

    Dana Wachs-89

    Kathleen Vinehout-83

    Mike McCabe-81

    Matt Flynn-71

    Josh Pade-7

    Paul Soglin-1