Sagashus Levingston Talks Back will be held Thursday, Dec. 6, 6-8 p.m. at Table Wine, 2045 Atwood Ave.

Sagashus Levingston is brilliant, kind, measured and inclusive.She empowers women others don’t talk about. And as a noted activist, author, PHD candidate and single mother of six, Sagashus has a lot to share. Her conversations reach from the intersectionality of Women of Color to White Fragility to why White women’s conversations can feel like an “assault” on Black women in the room.

Come listen and learn as Sagashus reads from her book, “Infamous Mothers,” and then joins Marie Justice and Tanisha L Pyron in a vibrant conversation on a range of topics, including how White women can become better allies.

Enjoy $6 glasses of wine and appetizers.

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