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Trolls Are Using Photos of Domestic Abuse Victims to Claim They Were Assaulted at Black Panther Screenings

This is photo of a domestic abuse victim, not of someone assaulted at a Black Panther screening.

Following Friday’s premiere of Black Panther, several fake social media accounts have been used to allege false claims of being attacked by Black movies goers.

Real news photos as well as stock photos have been accompanied by tweets claiming that white people were attacked for going to see Black Panther, according to Buzzfeed Reports.

One of the images being widely circulated shows a young woman’s face and clothing covered in blood with the caption claiming that Black teens smashed a bottle on her face after shouting “u at the wrong theater,” according to its caption.

The claim was found to be false and the photo is actually of a 19-year-old Swedish woman who was assaulted at a bar last month after turning down a man who groped her.

Many of the images used were of white women who were actual survivors of abuse and assault.

Like an image of an 18-year-old battered woman whose boyfriend locked her in an apartment and assaulted her for four hours. Her photo was tweeted with a caption saying the woman was attacked after being told she wasn’t “allowed to watch the movie.”

One troll Twitter account using the name and image of Wisconsin Republican Paul Nehlen, used a photo claiming an Ohio woman was hospitalized after an attack. Nehlen’s actual Twitter account was banned earlier this week.

The fake Tweets received thousands of retweets.