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UW students demand action in wake of racist video

Photo by Omar Waheed.

Students broke out in protest in response to what they call UW-Madison’s inaction in response to the recent circulation of a video showing a student going on a racist tirade.

The protest started in the Bascom Hall atrium, with students lined up all the way to the University Chancellor’s office. In a silent protest, students posted outside of university administration offices and presented written demands detailing nine courses of action. 

The chancellor’s office responded to the demands stating that they “do not respond to threats.”

The nine actions demanded by protestors are as follows:

Outrage broke out from protestors over the notion that their demands were threats. Soon after the protestors mobilized to march around the campus. Side-by-side with arms linked together, protestors marched down to the Library Mall, between the University Club and Historical Society buildings. Protestors stood in silence blocking off the space to passersby.

The march moved throughout campus through the streets. Protestors blocked off streets as they moved to all portions of campus. The march ended at the Red Gym.

Photo by Omar Waheed.

Chants like “Hey, hey, ho, ho. White supremacy has got to go,” “I believe that we will win,” and “No justice. No peace” filled the campus areas and streets as around 200 protestors marched through their route.

The university is currently working on a press release of their planned course of action in response to the protests and demands.