Walker Pledges to Take Redistricting Fight to Supreme Court


    Speaking with MSNBC’s Greta Van Susteren in Washington, DC, Friday, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker said he’s confident the United States Supreme Court will allow the state’s current legislative district map to stand, despite a federal court ruling the Republican-drawn map unconstitutional in November. On Friday the court ordered the state to draw new districts by the 2018 election.

    “We’ve lost before,” Walker said. “With Act 10 we were in and out of state and federal court I think 10 times before we prevailed. I think in talking to our attorney general, I think we’re going to prevail when we ultimately get to the Supreme Court.”

    Walker also praised President Donald Trump’s actions and appointments in his first week in office.

    For all the talk in the last week about where he’s at, you know actions speak louder than words,” Walker said. “I look at the actions they’ve taken, the executive actions, I look at the people they’ve nominated to be on this cabinet, and I say this is a top-notch group.” 

    Walker called Education Department nominee Betsy DeVos, who appeared to struggle at times in her confirmation hearings, “a spectacular pick.”

    Walker declined to say whether he intends to run for a third term in 2018.

    If Hillary Clinton was president of the United States right now, I would not run for re-election,” Walker said. “Much of what we need to do to continue our positive reforms in Wisconsin … will only come when we’ve got government here in Washington that understands that power should be in the hands of the states and more importantly the people.”