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‘When a woman changes her hair, she’s about to change her life.’ Roxci Rae Collection set to open storefront in Sun Prairie 


This Saturday, a 2009 Sun Prairie graduate will host a grand opening for the only hair product store in the city. 

Dazarrea Ervins, owner of Roxci Rae Collection, invites people to attend the celebration on Saturday, July 17, noon at the store’s new location, 2045 McCoy Road in Sun Prairie.  

She said after four years of an online business selling hair products, the demand became too great and it was time to open a storefront. Ervins said she wanted to fill a gap in hair product availability in the Madison area. 

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“I went from operating in the basement of my house to outgrowing my basement and then just noticing the need and the high demand for our products. It was to the point where I had deliveries and pickups back to back and we were doing deliveries until 9 p.m. at night,” Ervins told Madison365.  

She would meet customers at the Walgreens parking lot, and as she was showing a hair product other people would walk up and want to browse. 

“I was like, ‘Ok I’m going to open a store. I’m going to give you guys a store,’” Ervins said.

After going to college for childcare and working in the industry, she started to experience hair loss due to stress. Ervins bought hair extensions but found herself spending sometimes as much as $200 to get a poor-quality extension. 

“At the time I was buying hair extensions from other companies I wasn’t getting my money’s worth. I think a lot of times the hair industry or hair extensions are looked at as a vanity, but it’s a lot, lot deeper than that,” she said. 

Products from the Roxci Rae Collection

“As I was purchasing these extensions I found myself learning more and more about hair extensions in general — virgin hair extensions, where do they come from? How do you look at the cuticle? How do I know if I’m buying good hair?” she said. 

“And I just fell in love.”

Although owning this business wasn’t her first career, at times, it has felt like destiny. After doing research for three years on opening her business, she has been determined to make it succeed. 

Ervins goes door to door and passes out flyers. She said you can find her in Walmart or the grocery store talking to people about hair products. She uses social media as a marketing tool, and confides in three different mentors. 

When Ervins was seven years old she had a dream that she was walking by a big billboard with the name Roxci Rae on it, and everyone was pointing to her happily and saying “that’s the owner.”

Dazarrea Ervins is the owner of Roxci Rae Collection. (Photo supplied)

“(That dream) stuck with me since age seven,” Ervins said. “I’ve named cars Roxci. I’ve named my dog Roxci Rae. So when I started digging into the hair industry, I noticed that I had this passion for it and I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, yes, I’m going to do this and it’s going to be awesome.’ It just slapped me upside the head and it was like, that’s what this name is supposed to be.”

Roxci Rae Collections sells extensions, colored wigs, brushes, skin products, candles, skin care products and false lashes. 

Ervins said the store offers Malaysian and Burmese hair extensions, they offer bundles and wigs similar to wear and go glueless wigs. She said they offer a variety of textures from straight all the way to kinky curly, which is the “rising star.” 

“I always say, ‘When a woman changes her hair, she’s about to change her life,’” Ervins said.