Ali Muldrow and Ananda Mirilli won their respective primary races for Madison School Board tonight.

With 95 percent reporting for Madison School Board Seat 4, Muldrow had 55 percent of the vote to David Blaska’s 24 percent, Laila Borokhim’s 16 percent and Albert Bryan’s 5 percent.

“Last night we celebrated all the work it took to be successful in the primary,” Muldrow tells Madison365. “Today, we begin doing all the work it will take to be successful in the general election. I am so grateful to everyone who voted.”

For Madison School Board Seat 5, with 95 percent of the votes tallied, Mirilli had earned 52 percent of the vote to TJ Mertz’s 37 percent and Amos Roe’s 11 percent.

In the race for Madison School Board Seat 3, Cristiana Carusi won with 49 percent while Kaleem Caire captured 44 percent and Skylar Croy got 7 percent.

“I am very encouraged by the outcome of last night’s election results. The local primary election draws out your traditional routine, dedicated voter. We predicted 32,000 people would come out to vote, and that is what we got,” Caire tells Madison365. “We performed very well among this base of voters and feel we are in a strong position to compete for the seat heading into the general election. We have a lot of hard work to do and I have a lot of doors to knock on, but it will be fun.”

Muldrow and David Blaska will face off for an open seat in the general election on April 2. Mirilli, the challenger, will face off against incumbent TJ Mertz. Carusi will face off against Caire.