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Black Oxygen: Lilliann Paine


In her book Eloquent Rage, Dr. Brittney Cooper says, “how it feels to be a Black woman … our victories belong everyone even though we do all of the work.”

In this episode of Black Oxygen, Lilliann Paine, the Chief of Staff for the City of Milwaukee Health Department, talks about the work it took for racism to be named as a public health crisis by the Wisconsin Public Health Association and in the City of Milwaukee. In pointing to the work of Dr. Camara Jones, Lilliann talks about how the work of naming racism as a key driver to the health of communities is not new – but what happens is that the work of Black women often gets erased from the narrative. Lilliann also discuss the impact that working in public health during this COVID19 pandemic has had on her personally. In the end, she reminds us all to, “listen to Black women, trust Black women, and cite Black women.”

Links to things discussed in the conversation

BARHII  Framework/Model:

Dr. Camara Jones – Levels of Racism: A Theoretical Framework and a Gardener’s Tale

Creative Health Collective –

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