Home covid Dane County adds 79 coronavirus cases; cases in age 20-29 pass 1,000

Dane County adds 79 coronavirus cases; cases in age 20-29 pass 1,000


Dane County confirmed 79 new coronavirus cases this morning, bringing the total to 2381 cases since the pandemic began in March. Today’s increase once again was centered in those in their 20s, with over 50% of all new cases in that age group. Dane County is still at 32 deaths, which has been consistent since June 17th.

A total of 41 new cases was attributed to those in their 20s. The group between 20-29 is now 42.67 percent of all cases in Dane County, up from yesterday’s 41.61 percent.  Of the the rest, nine are aged 10-19, 12 are in their 30s and eight are in their 40s. There were also five new cases in their 50s, three in their 60s, and one new case in their 70s.

For the past two weeks – numbers have more than doubled with total cases at 1101 on June 21 to today’s new update of cases at 2381. The change is a 53.75 percent increase with specific age groups showing a rapid increase.

Hospitalizations rose today to 225 with 2 people in their 20s hospitalized and one person in their 60s.

The percentage of active cases has fallen slightly down to 44.22 percent while recovered cases rose to 55.61 percent. We now have 1238 recovered cases and 1064 active cases.

Last Thursday, Madison365 updated our data regarding coronavirus spread in specific neighborhoods and communities from June 19th through July 2nd. Today’s data are not included, but will be included in an update next week.

Public Health of Madison and Dane County in partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County and Madison365 announced on Wednesday that they are coordinating six pop-up testing sites around the Madison area starting Tuesday, July 7th. You can read more about dates, time sand the specific sites in our previous story.

We will have an update of today’s statewide numbers later this afternoon.