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Dane County Coronavirus Map: February 22


This map shows current total case count for each census tract, as well as the increase in cases over the past two weeks, from February 7 through February 21.

The data comes from the state Department of Health Services map, which shows current case counts by census tract and current deaths if more than 5 have taken place in that tract. The DHS map does not show historical data, however, we are able to provide comparisons between past and current case counts because we’ve been tracking cases in each neighborhood since early May.

The data behind the map only indicates a number of deaths in a specific tract if there have been five or more deaths for that area.  Nineteen tracts that have reported at least five deaths in Dane County since the pandemic began:

114.01 Town of Blooming Grove/Milwaukee Street/ I39/I90/county hwy BB/I94 13
114.02 Token Creek County Park/Portage RD, Town of Burke, Burke, Hoepkers Corners, American PKWY, US 151, High Crossing BLVD 11
4.08 Schroeder RD/S Gammon D/Mineral Point Rd/Whitney Way (Odana-Tokay – W Beltline) 10
113.01 Waunakee, Westbridge, Meadowbrook at Pleasant Valley, Centennial Heights, 10
131.00 Village of Mazomanine 9
132.00 Town of Dane, DeForest, Windsor 9
122.02 Stoughton 9
137.00 Verona/Town of Verona 7
109.01 West Middleton/Willows Autumn Ridge/Middleton Junction 7
113.02 Waunakee Apriport, Castle Crest, Castle, Waunakee Middle & High School, Heritage Elementary, Prairie Additions, Coopers Additions, Village Park 7
4.06 Watts Rd/Newberry Heights/County RD M/Mid Town Rd 7
14.03 Fitchburg (Mckee-Post Road-W Beltline-US 14-Syene Rd) 7
110.00 Middleton – University Av/Old Middleton Greenway/Woodside Heights Park 6
125.02 Oregon/Town of Oregon 6
108.00 Verona 6
17.04 Dane County Courthouse/Capitol Square/Federal Courthouse 6
115.06 O’Keefe Ave/Sheehan Park/151/Smith’s Crossing Community Park/Sun Prairie 6
107.02 Town of Verona/Fitchburg (County M/Whalen Rd/LacyRd) 6
116.00 Sun Prairie, US 151, Bailey RD/Town Hall DR/County RD W/Happy Valley RD/County HWY N, N Bristol St – Partick Marsh Middle School, Brazee Lake, Town Hall Dr, Sun Prairie HS, Buss’s Corner 6
125.01 Oregon 5

Each pin on the map represents a census tract. You can zoom in on the map to find your neighborhood. Clicking or tapping on a pin will allow you to see:

  • Description of the neighborhood
  • Number of cases as of 2/7
  • Number of cases as of 2/21
  • Difference in the number of cases between those two dates
  • Number of cases per 1,000 residents as of 2/7
  • Number of cases per 1,000 residents as of 2/21
  • Difference in the number of cases per 1,000 residents between those two dates
  • The percentage change between those two dates
  • Deaths

Additionally, the percent increase in each tract is visible on the map without clicking the pin — just zoom in to see the increase in cases for each neighborhood.

Based on the current data, the following 10 Dane County tracts had the largest percentage increases from February 7 through February 21:

11.02 Observatory Drive/Lakeshore Path/Linden Dr/Campus Dr/University Ave/N Park Street 22.19%
16.03 N Frances/University Ave/W Johnson Street/State Street/W Gorham St/W Gilman Street 11.74%
16.06 W Johnson/S Broom/W Washington/Regent Street/Park Street 10.56%
122.01 Stoughton 10.00%
11.01 N Breese/University Ave/N Park St/Regent Street 9.72%
27.00 US 51/ WI 30/Cottage Grove Rd/S Stoughton Rd 7.87%
32.00 UW Madison/UW Hospital/Picnic Point/Eagle Heights 7.50%
16.04 N Lake/State/Dayton Street/Johnson St 7.27%
133.01 DeForest 6.04%
103.00 Monona/Monona Dr/Tonyawatha Trail/Healy Ln/Winnequah Trail/Nichols Rd 5.88%

We will continue to publish updated maps weekly.