Haywood "Coach Wood" Simmons

Having been titled one of the silent killers of today, diabetes has gotten a bad rap.

It is a simple issue complicated by a lack of understanding of food and non-food. Foods contain vital nutrients that have been aimlessly this included in our diet. As a youngster, I recall a saying that went like this: spare the rod, spoil the child. Not allowing our body to create the healthy nutrients and metabolism that is needed weakens the body’s ability to heal itself. Today’s attempt to relieve the symptoms of diabetes have neglected the discussion of the true issues related to diabetes. Diabetes is not the cause of illness — it is the effect of poor health and illness. The choice is simple: more life sustaining and containing foods, and less of anything else.

Haywood “Coach Wood” Simmons

Fiber, fiber, fiber! All sugar and no fiber makes for an unhealthy level of blood sugar. To put it bluntly: if it’s in a box,  it is probably not food. All natural and natured foods contain three things that are vital to all of our health and life. One, water. Two, oxygen. And three, minerals. Out of 600,000 food-like products, nearly all of the foods outside the produce section do not contain the elements for life. To sum up: eat live food and your health will improve instantly.