Real food will change your life.

Real live foods will change your health. The first step is to eat. We must provide our body with enough fuel to defend itself and to cleanse itself and to live. Start your day out with a drink of water followed by eating real food for breakfast — preferably something live and raw. Eat real food early.

Two and a half to three hours later … guess what? Eat real food again.

Berries, oatmeal, quinoa nuts, walnuts, almonds, apples, bananas, pineapple … eat real food. Two and a half to three hours later repeat again and make sure you mix your colors. Make it pretty. Make it complex greens and reds and oranges and yellows (preferably in-season foods for your area living). We’re looking to lower your cholesterol, looking to align your blood sugar levels.

You cut down on your sugar intake when you eat real food. . Reduce and then eliminate all refined sugars from your life and improve your health. Concentrate on foods high in fiber with natural sugars only and you will see your diet and your health improve. Eating real food will inspire you and it’s good for diabetes and blood sugar control. It is great for helping to cleanse our body and its natural process and long before that it prepares our stomach to digest and absorb food to its maximum capacity.

There is no question in order to live we need to eat live foods. In order to live, we should cook less food. By not eating cooked foods you’ve already eliminated 99 percent of common culprits that damage health, such as fried foods, excess animal protein, grains, wheat and gluten, MSG, and preservatives.

If you want to improve your health bring in life foods into your body that know just what you need.


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