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Madison365 Week in Review for September 11


Here are our most popular stories from the week, brought to you by the Wisconsin Leadership Summit, all online October 18-22. Registration is open now!


Dane County has extended its mask mandate until October 8, with new exemptions for most performing artists.




Major General Marsha Anderson was honored with the Women United Philanthropy Award.




Nehemirah Barrett, new associate principal at Patrick Marsh Middle School in Sun Prairie, says he’ll focus on equity and uplifting students.




Milwaukee Common Council President Cavalier Johnson is preparing to take over as acting mayor and to run for the office in a special election.




The Nehemiah Center’s Reentry Conference will focus on how the pandemic has affected incarceration.




The new BIPOC Birding Club aims to get more people of color interested in outdoor activities.




Sherman Middle School unveiled two new murals celebrating diversity and equity.




This week, Oshkosh author Lori Lee published her seventh novel, Pahua and the Soul Stealer.




Jerry Bradford celebrated 20 years of cutting hair at JP Hair Design.




The third annual Capital Land Music Festival will feature national award-winning jazz, soul and R&B artists this weekend in Sun Prairie.

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