New Mann Scholars (front row) join present and past Mann Scholars at the Wisconsin Institute of Discovery Town Center for last year's Mann Scholars Celebration.

The Mann Scholars Ceremony will celebrate 20 years of making a difference in young people’s lives in our community at the Wisconsin Institute of Discovery Town Center on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus Friday, June 2, 5:30 p.m.

Sisters Becky Gobermann and Lori Mann Carey head up the Mann Fund and are present for each Mann Scholars Celebration every spring on the UW-Madison campus. The Mann Educational Opportunity Fund is a scholarship that honors their parents, the late Bernard and Kathlyn Mann, long-time African American residents of Madison whose strong belief in education helped ensure the graduation of their five children from Madison Memorial High School and later from universities. The Mann Program’s goal is to provide mentoring and educational tools to students from the Madison Metropolitan School District who show potential for academic achievement but face significant challenges to reaching their full potential.

The event will be a chance to announce the 20th Freshman Mann Scholar Class and honoring the 2017 Mann Senior Graduates.