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Midwest Mujeres to host networking event on Saturday providing skills for personal and professional success

Presenters at Midwest Mujeres's Saturday event will include (clockwise from top left) Lorissa Bañuelos, Tara Wilhelmi, Nita Ambedkar, Johnathan William, Osorio Delgado, Amy Crowe, Maria Bonnet Lopez, Laura Fitzgerald, Javier Acevedo Baez, and Adriana Laitano

Midwest Mujeres will host a networking event with workshops for financial empowerment and professional growth titled “I Want Money! Dress, Feel, and Empower Yourself for More Money in Your Life” on Saturday, May 18, 11 a.m. at the Spark Building, 821 E. Washington Ave.

“This event is definitely a celebration of community in a way that we haven’t seen it before. We prioritize cross-cultural connections, bridging the class divide and fostering a culturally rooted community,” Araceli Esparza, founder of Midwest Mujeres Inc., tells Madison365. “We curate a really good networking event where you will be supported and the emphasis is on storytelling, entrepreneurship, and education that promotes individual growth and community efficacy. It is going to align with our national movement which has a goal of closing the gender wage gap and the racial wage gap.”

Midwest Mujeres is a community organization that empowers women of color and promotes financial literacy and professional development. Through workshops, events, and networking opportunities, Midwest Mujeres aims to create a supportive and inclusive environment where all individuals can thrive.

“We need to be empowered and to learn how to free our voices so we can advocate for ourselves and negotiate our salaries,” Esparza says. “This networking event is really an interactive way to learn about your money skills and your money goals.”

Attendees at Saturday’s “I Want Money!” event can participate in three enriching workshops designed to equip them with essential skills and knowledge for personal and professional success.

Adriana Laitano, founder of “Reinventarse sin Reventarse,” will conduct a tailored workshop focusing on financial empowerment for the Spanish-speaking community called “Empoderamiento Financiero.” Laitano is deeply passionate about empowering Latinx immigrants to thrive in their new environment.

“Adriana will be leading our very first Spanish lead workshop for Midwest Mujeres Inc.,” Esparza says. “She will be talking about reinventing yourself as an immigrant … it doesn’t matter if you came here weeks ago or five years ago, you’re still going through that process as an immigrant in Dane County, especially.”

“Money Goals Mastery” workshop, hosted by Summit Credit Union, will be led by Amy Crowe, who has over 25 years of experience in personal finance education. Participants will learn crucial strategies for achieving their financial goals.  

“Elevate Your Presence” workshop with Laura Fitzgerald, a fashion consultant, along with Maria Bonnett Lopez, a brand social stylist, will provide invaluable insights on how to enhance professional presence through personal style. 

“Javier Acevedo Baez will also be there giving his insights. They will be giving us their hot tips on how we can dress well on a budget to boost our confidence. I’m really excited about this one,” Esparza says.

The event will feature a panel discussion on “Navigating Multiple Identities in Professional Life,” where leaders from various fields will share their experiences and insights on managing diverse identities while navigating the professional world. The panelists will include Lorissa Bañuelos, Tara Wilhelmi, Nita Ambedkar, Johnathan William, and Osorio Delgado

“We’re going to round things out with this amazing panel discussion,” Esparza says. “So we will have brown and Black folks, international folks, immigrant folks talking about the challenges of networking bilaterally and horizontally and what that means.”

Supporters of the event include Dane County Office of Equity and Inclusion, Summit Credit Union, Starting Block and the American Family Institute for Corporate and Social Impact. 

Professionals of color and women of color entrepreneurs are especially encouraged to attend and benefit from this unique opportunity for learning and networking.

 This workshop is a perfect way to embrace the growth and renewal that comes with May,” Esparza says. It’s going to be a fun and informative event … and we’re also raffling a brand new 40-inch TV for kicks and giggles.”

For more information or to get tickets to “I Want Money! Dress, Feel, and Empower Yourself for More Money in Your Life,” click here.