The Original Black Panthers of Milwaukee are calling for a Wauwatosa police officer to be fired and charged after a video surfaced showing him punching a black teenager in the face in the parking lot of Mayfair Mall.

Black Panthers group leader King Rick led a protest of about eight Panthers on Saturday at the Wauwatosa Police Department and Mayfair Mall.

“For too often are we being subjected to racial profiling in this mall, far too often,” Rick said in a video posted to his Facebook page. “Those dynamics have to change and we’re here to demand that they change.”

Video of the arrest has been viewed nearly 500,000 times since Friday.

Police Chief Barry Weber said in the statement that the department thoroughly reviews all such incidents and takes all instances of use of force seriously. “This video shows only a small segment of the interaction between the suspect and the officer,” the statement says.

The teen was cited for disorderly conduct, battery and resisting an officer, according to police.

Written by Madison365 staff