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MPD release sketch of attempted homicide suspect on bike path


The Madison Police Department have released a sketch-artist picture of the suspect of an attempted homicide on Madison’s near east side and is looking for assistance in identifying the person who is depicted sketch.

The subject of the sketch was seen in the area of the attempted homicide that occurred on Sept. 12 on the bike path on Madison’s near east side. A 33-year-old woman had been sexually assaulted along a bike bath near South Livingston Avenue and East Wilson Street. The woman told police she had been choked, beaten, and sexually assaulted after being ambushed from behind and dragged into bushes.

“It’s one of the more vicious stranger attacks we’ve seen in many years,” said Joel DeSpain, public information officer for the Madison Police Department.

After the attack, the woman crawled to an area where someone passing by saw her and called police at 1:42 a.m.

This person of interest is described as a Latino or light-complected black male with brown eyes who appeared to be approximately 25 years old. He is about 5’07” tall with an average build, prominent cheek bones that were higher near his ears. His eyes appear slightly sunken. This male had a 5-7 day patchy beard growth. He was last seen wearing a baggy hoody and blue jeans.

If you can identify this subject or have any information about this investigation, please call 266-4451.