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New Leaders LeadUp platform aims to connect, create community for women of color in business

Janette Braverman, Dr. Eve Hall.

Established businesspeople, aspiring entrepreneurs and community members recently gathered downtown to support an exciting new venture. Sponsored by the Greater Milwaukee Urban League, community leader Jannette Braverman recently launched her Leaders LeadUp platform. The founder and CEO created the online social community and learning platform to provide guidance and empowerment for women of color in the workplace.

The platform is a branch of her company Leaders Leaving Legacies, LLC. While she provides professional coaching, leadership development and business launch services to business executives and entrepreneurs for the llc, Leaders LeadUp focuses on creating a professional community and resource hub for women of color.

It provides training and courses for both entrepreneurs and for employers who want to advocate for women of color and underrepresented groups. Offering both live and online courses, they cover an array of topics, including “Code Switching: How it Works and Why We Do It”, “Business Planning: Developing Your Business Forecast,” and “Stereotypes and Implicit Bias: What They Are and How They are Harming Your Organization.”

In addition to courses, the platform provides access to coaches, instructors, meetups, groups and forums, where members can engage with both fellow members and instructors in a safe space. Instructors include successful businesswomen of color, such as Dr. Eve M. Hall, President and CEO of the Greater Milwaukee Urban League, Dr. Amber Tucker, Assistant Professor and Sociology Chair at Cardinal Stritch University, and Dr. Deborah N Allen, CEO of DNA Network LLC.

Users can choose from tiered monthly or annual membership plans. It also offers discounted rates for college students and returning students or adults pursuing their GED.

The platform certainly was not created overnight.

“Leaders Lead Up was something that I birthed in my spirit probably over 13 years ago,” Braverman said. Founding Leaders Leaving Legacies in 2011, she said, “I knew that one day, I would bring women from all walks of life together to just pour into each other, sharpen each other.”

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