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Packers’ picks and grades: Analyzing Green Bay’s 2024 NFL draft

The 2024 NFL draft was held around Campus Martius Park and Hart Plaza in Detroit, Michigan, on April 25–27. (Photo: Creative Commons)

The 2024 NFL Draft in Detroit this past weekend was a showcase of strategic prowess, with teams across the league vying to strengthen their rosters for the upcoming season. The Green Bay Packers embarked on a mission to fortify key positions and secure talent that could make an immediate impact.

In a draft where quarterbacks dominated the early selections, the Packers took a different route, prioritizing the protection of their franchise quarterback, Jordan Love, and bolstering their linebacker and safety groups. With the 25th overall pick, Green Bay snagged 6-foot-5, 311-pound offensive tackle Jordan Morgan, a standout from Arizona, who shined at the Senior Bowl and is known for his versatility and athleticism. Morgan’s arrival is expected to shore up the offensive line, providing stability and competition at left tackle from day one.

Day two of the draft saw the Packers addressing crucial needs, notably at inside linebacker, the back end of the secondary, and running back. Inside linebacker Edgerrin Cooper, safety Javon Bullard, and running back Marshawn Lloyd were added to the roster, each bringing a unique skill set that could prove invaluable in the upcoming season. Analysts lauded these picks, highlighting the potential for immediate contributions and long-term growth within the team.

The Packers’ draft class also includes inside linebacker Ty’Ron Hopper from Missouri, safety Evan Williams from Oregon, offensive lineman Jacob Monk from Duke, safety Kitan Oladapo from Oregon State, offensive tackle Travis Glover Jr. from Georgia State, quarterback Michael Pratt from Tulane, and cornerback Kalen King from Penn State. These selections showcased a blend of athleticism, experience, and leadership, with five of the final 11 picks being team captains in college—an indicator of character and maturity. King is an intriguing prospect who slipped during the draft process. The 2022 All-American was once lauded as a potential early-round pick. While some fans desired a cornerback selection earlier in the draft, the Packers’ strategy focused on other position groups. 

Overall, I give the Packers’ draft a solid B+ grade. The selections of Morgan, Cooper, Bullard, Lloyd, and subsequent picks like Williams, Monk, and Oladapo give this young roster even more athleticism. And if you read the draft preview, you had the inside scoop because five of the players we mentioned were drafted over the weekend.

As the NFL offseason progresses and teams gear up for training camp and preseason action, the potential impact of the Packers’ draft class is a source of great optimism. With three potential day-one starters in Morgan, Cooper, and Bullard, key depth contributors like Lloyd, and special teams’ assets like Hopper, Williams, and Oladapo, Green Bay looks primed to compete at a high level in the NFC North and beyond in the 2024 season.