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Positive coronavirus test rate stays steady at 4.2%, 7 more deaths reported


The percentage of coronavirus tests coming back positive remained steady today at 4.2 percent. New cases reported Thursday added up to 533, bringing the statewide total to 29,775. Of those, more than 5,400 remain active — up from yesterday’s 5,300.

Additionally, seven more people died, including three in Waupaca County, bringing the death toll in Wisconsin to 786.

The largest local increase was in Dane County, with 123 new cases, and Milwaukee County close behind with 119.

Several other counties saw double-digit increases and high positive test rates, including:

Brown County: 21 new cases, 9.2 percent positive tests
Jefferson County: 15 new cases, 12 percent positive tests
La Crosse County: 37 new cases, 14.2 percent positive tests
Marathon County: 12 new cases, 9.7 percent positive tests
Portage County: 15 new cases, 17.2 percent
Washington County: 15 new cases, 13.9 percent positive tests

Hospitalizations statewide are down slightly to 236, one fewer than yesterday and 11 fewer than a week ago. Of those currently hospitalized for COVID-19, 74 require intensive care. Additionally, 143 people are hospitalized and awaiting test results.

The rate of disparity in Latino populations continues to stand out — 30 percent of total cases are now Latino people, and 17 percent of today’s new cases. Latinos make up just seven percent of the state’s overall population.

Similarly, 17 percent of all cases are Black people, as are 24 percent of total COVID-19 related deaths in the state. Black people make up just six percent of the state’s population.

DHS also reports that 79 percent of those confirmed to have been infected have recovered and 2.7 percent have died.