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Residents Post Signs Supporting Madison Police Officers

Group pooled money to produce signs


Residents in a Madison neighborhood are showing their support for Madison police officers with yard signs that read “We Support Madison Police.”

The signs are posted in the Meadowood neighborhood on Redwood Lane, Golden Oak Lane and other nearby streets.

A statement from the neighborhood said the signs are part of an effort to show that residents support the officers.

One of the leaders of the support-the-police effort, David Glomp, a resident of Redwood Lane, joined five or six other citizens to pay for printing, assembly and distribution of 250 signs.

Glomp and his neighbors posted more than 40 signs on their street and nearby streets.

“We wanted this effort to be clearly a grassroots citizen effort, so no special interest or organizational funds were involved in this effort,” Glomp said. “It is an impressive display that clearly lets the MPD know that we support them and ‘have their backs’ when they are simply doing their jobs to serve and protect.”

Glomp said he and his neighbors aren’t looking for a confrontation with those who express concerns about the department.

“We are not looking to pick a fight with anyone, but want the elected leadership to see that ordinary citizens, who depend on the police for their protection, support what they do.” Glomp said.