Richard Jones, Jr. named new executive director of Vera Court Neighborhood Center


    Vera Court Neighborhood Center, Inc., has announced that Richard Jones, Jr. will be its new executive director.

    Made up of Vera Court Neighborhood Center on the North Side and Bridge, Lake Point, Waunona (BLW) Neighborhood Center on the South Side, both centers serve thousands of Madison youth, adults, and families each year.

    Board of Directors President Don Bruns said Jones’s passion and commitment to the community were key qualities in their decision to hire him. “The Board is pleased to unanimously endorse and support Richard Jones, Jr. for this exciting and important role,” Bruns said in a statement.

    Jones will succeed Tom Solyst, who is retiring after leading the organization for 22 years.

    “Tom Solyst is known for leading his decision-making based on the best interests of the community. His selfless commitment was evident in the work he did every day, and for decades” said Bruns.

    Jones will oversee both organizations as well as a capital campaign for “The Gathering Place” which will serve as the new BLW location.

    “There are so many good things happening for youth, adults, and families at each location. I will continue the important role of listening to the community and responding to their needs,” said Jones in a statement.

    The official start date for Jones will be Monday, Nov. 14.