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What do you get when you join THE FAM?

In addition to the satisfaction of supporting important community journalism, you get some perks when you join THE FAM.

At the Champion Level for $5 per month, you get:

  • Your name listed as a member for 12 months on the Madison365 website.
  • Early notification emails of our Most Influential Lists, Summits, & Annual Report.
  • Free daily update and weekly newsletter by email
  • One Madison365 “THE FAM” vinyl sticker mailed to you!

At the Guardian Level for $10 per month, you get:

  • All Champion Level benefits.
  • Plus access to one midyear update meeting with CEO Henry Sanders

At the Advocate Level for $25 per month, you get:

At any level of $50 per month or higher, you get:

We exist to carry your voice. We do that for the good of the community. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We produce excellent professional community journalism, commentary and analysis on issues, people and organizations that often go ignored in the mainstream press.

We pay professional journalists to produce the news you need, but we will never charge for access to that news. That’s why we need your support to continue and to grow.

If you feel that Madison365 has uplifted, inspired or encouraged the many voices of our community, please consider joining THE FAM.

If you’d prefer to make a one-time donation and not join THE FAM, please click here.

The Fam Members

Champion Level

Amie Hoag
Elizabeth Delaquess
Daniel Kromer
Kevin Walsh
Samuel Hurley
Sina Rsassam Haghighi
Jan Levine Thal
Allison Marie Salmon
Ariel Hicklin Ford
Debra Ahrens
Margaret DeWind
Sally Drew
Sandi Park
Coral Conant Gilles
Michelle Holmquist
Tom Whittaker
Terri Felton
Lisa Grueneberg
Dan Sinclair

Guardian Level

Ann Bowen
Hannah Eldridge
Heidi Freymiller
Katie Hayden
Jessica Henderson
Randi Huntsman
Sarah Jacobs
Elizabeth Levy
Brian Lin
Austin Lynch
Kayla Peterson
Andrew Schmidt
Deborah Sproule
Kristine Sweep
Dave Varana
Joshua Wimmer
Christopher Holland
Douglas Alexander
Tina Hogle
Tisha Brown
Ellen Zweibel
Kathy Michaelis
Barbie Jackson
Beth Graue
Noah Salata
Becky Tradewell
Julie Andersen
Noelle LoConte
Brook Soltvedt
Susan Schwaab

Advocate Level

Andrew Genne
Melissa Huggins
Mackenzie Krumme
Courtney byelich
Carol Hermann
Paul Karch
Annette Miller
Norma Madsen
Larraine McNamara-McGraw
Anna Kaminski
Valerie Edwards
Pamela Oliver
Deirdre Garton
Susan Mickel
Grace Trewartha
Gary Becker

Promoter Level

Ruth Rohlich
Katharine Stanton
Phil Saunders
Elizabeth Gross